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1.5 year old or button?


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I saw this deer the other day in person while in stand and it was as big as the adult doe he was with and  double the size of her fawns. Even the face has 1.5  yo character not 6 months. Crazy if that is 1.5 and that's all he has on his head. Just curious to hear thoughts on this deer. I want to say 6 months but that body and head  just does not make sense to me. Maybe I need glasses. I have been hunting for over 35 years never saw a button this big. If that is 6 months I hope to see him in a few  years good lord!


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Thank you.  That's what I was thinking.  we cannot take him out, he doesn't have 3 pts on 1 side.  He will spread those genetics all around.



I had one on the NY property I hunt it was a spike until 4.5 years old and than I killed him he was a 4 x 1. .We had a 3 point  rule so nobody could take him out or he would have been dead long before I killed him.

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For 5 years they left the corn standing through the winter on my uncle's farm.  The deer had an unlimited food supply through the winter and were huge.  The buttons grew small stubby spikes and we had yearlings with 8 and 10 points.    

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