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October 22 AM Check In


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I had plans to hunt up in Zone 1 with my daughter this morning as it seemed the forecast has been wrong a bunch late this week but it looks like the last two days worth of rain is going to come all morning so I left her at home. We baited Thursday and opened the blind window so as to minimize the morning noise so I got up on my own and made the drive from Rockaway just to close the blind up. Made sure it was tied down and now I find myself in Jumboland having breakfast. Will spend day getting stuff down around the apartment so I can watch football tomorrow. At least the hunting clothes and gear are all set for next week.




Have a great weekend and stay safe if you do go out. Be careful of those widow maker branches on a day like this.

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I could hear the rain pouring down before I got out of bed. Been raining steady since that time, decided to stay indoors. I don't want to be tracking a deer in this weather. If it isn't too windy later today I may go out, even if it is I might go out and ground hunt because if winds are NNW that is perfect for one of my spots.

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Be out later, not doing rain unless I have a buck tag in hand. Been waiting for a good rainy day to go around and report all the dump sites I have been finding on my WMAs with that new fish and wild life app. Think I'll do that today! I have a lot of reporting to do unfortunatefly...

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