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Good to be back in the woods with Jr tonight


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Sat in the blind with my son tonight for his first bowhunt this year due to his football injury/arm cast he received only a week before opening day.


First we saw a small bear headed towards us which I alerted to our presence. It quickly turned and ran off. No deer were seen tonight, however we counted at least 10-12 different black squirrels in front of us. This is one of the only spots we have seen such a large concentration of them. Red headed woodpeckers, countless blue jays, and a fox that was sitting on top of the biggest boulder on the hill above us and was skylined like a king for over 30 minutes..My son thought that was the coolest sight of the night, and needless to say it was a good sit. . Took some pics as well as attached two trail cam pics of what appears to be a blue jay up close in personal, and what I am thinking is a good size yote.


He also always bring his favorite "lucky" antique knives, one is an antler knife and one is a small deer hoof knife. Both were with him when he shot his first deer and have been in his fanny pack ever since whenever we go out, lol.  



blue jay.jpg



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I'm thinking red-bellied woodpecker on that bird.     


I am looking back at the pic now and think you are absolutely right.


Man I tell you, the rest of the state has to lookout out for those Spartans! Good athletes and keen eyes! :up:  :up: 

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