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ATTN Sponsors: Post here if you need help creating a banner


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Hey all you existing and potential sponsors!

I wanted to fire up a topic as I realize some of you may not have or know how to create a banner for your business!

Let's us this topic to post if you need some help and hopefully myself or even others can help create a banner for you! :up:


The main thing is the sizing, layout, and content.

To keep things uniform we ask sponsors to submit them in 728x90 pixel sizing.  This helps keep the site look and feel uniform.

I'm working on adding a 250x250 pixel sizing space for sponsors as well.


A few things you may want to include in the banner image itself are:

- An eye catching image/background

- Your business name

- Your contact information (phone, website, etc)


Then when we add your banner, it will link to your website URL when a user clicks it.


Here's an 728x90 pixel example we made for ACP Rednecks Pride that has some of these features:







So if you're interested in a banner, post up some pics you'd like to represent your business, along with what information you'd like displayed along with it in that image and we'll try to work on a design for you! :up:

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