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Most know I post Apples for sale for Kyle at Eastmont. Kyle is one of my best friends and except for meeting guys from here when they come to get them I have nothing else to do with it. The admins made me take down my post on NJH. They were very nice about it and actually asked me to not insisted. They were getting complaints from paying vendors. All good so it's gone.


Kyle told me he talked to someone here and they said no problem and that he could even run a banner. I have no idea how to do that. If there is someone here that could help with it I would really appreciate it.

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Stevo, I'll bump the topic on how it works but here is a direct link to my post on it as well.



You'll also see a banner in the cycle of rotating banners like below that when clicked also takes you to that topic:



Ultimately Kyle needs to provide the information for what he wants to display in a banner.

I believe I had a PM with him some time ago where he asked for one, but I can't drive the content he wants to put in an ad for his business, so I was waiting to hear back from him but hadn't.

I can work with him on making one if he'd like if he's no familiar with creating one, just have him reach out to me again and we'll figure it out :up:

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