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What Was She Thinking ?


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I actually think feral cats play a big role in the disappearance of quail in many areas.  There are so many feral cat colonies where I hunt & I see cat ladies feeding them all the time...  


Feral cats are listed as an invasive species and are a huge problem.  A woman I knew had a job of shooting feral cats, not NJ obviously.  But I wouldn't go posting pictures of myself with a cat that I had shot. 

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I'm not a cat lover & think something definitely needs to be done about the feral cat population but I couldn't shoot a cat even if no one would ever know about it.  It just makes no sense to me that we tolerate a huge population of non-native species simply because they are cats...

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Thought everybody should know this... My wife and her aunt did more research on the cat killer, and that cat was somebody's pet cat... that was NOT A FERAL CAT!!!! The cats name was Tiger... Tiger also has a defense team... She deserves every bit of the trouble that she is in!!!

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