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What is this?


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I set up my climber in a new spot today just looking for some variety and when I came down I looked around and saw the remnants of an old wood stand and an old lock on that has seen much better days. There was also this weird trash can looking thing hanging about 20 feet up, any ideas what it is?


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I've seen people hang feeders up a tree to make it more difficult for bears to tear them apart. I'm not sure if you were located in bear country or not. And if indeed it is a feeder they probably had an apparatus to help them fill it.



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My bucket feeder is suspended on a pulley attached to a wire rope that spans about 20' in between two trees.  It's about 20' up.  I have photos of bears looking at it and claw marks on the wire rope I used to set the whole thing up.  Deer feeders in N NJ are bear magnets.

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