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Scouting South Zone


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OK, since it was brought up :) How do you scout for ducks? Probably a stupid question, but I've never been duck hunting but would like to (I've only been goose hunting on cut farm fields, and only a couple years at that).


What do you look for? You could be at a honey hole but the ducks just ain't there yet. How would you know? What are some of the things you look for?


I'm asking more about inland (southern region) rather than coastal hunting.

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down in the pines they usualllyrics fly into old abandon bogs in tight corners if you find islands or narrow spots on water.rarely have I ever seen ducks in open water except early morning when they leave out of the woods they'll fly over big water...you'll also see feather along waters edge or duck shit on logs and tree limbs in the water.

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Hey Batsto.......are you the guy that looked for some of my decoys some years ago? Got caught up in some ice and had to run for my life on the bay. this was in the days of NJ Ducks site I believe.

Not me A5 Pemberton. I very rarely do coastal. Did you find those Deeks?

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