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Fall Bow Buck


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Shot this buck in early bow season and never got around to posting the pics due to my two young sons running circles around me and not being able to find the time.  Long story long..... I had numerous early season pictures of this buck coming into my mineral licks.  I could tell he had a big body in the pictures but wasn't sure if his rack was small or his body was big.  Got my earn a buck doe on opening night and decided to hunt for the buck not knowing if I would actually shoot him or not.  Well Wednesday I still had him coming in and he was in velvet.  This was exciting because I have never had the opportunity to shoot a buck in velvet.  I sat Thursday night hoping to see him but no luck.  Could have been the fact that my thermacell quit working and I spent the first half of the night clicking the button to get it to light then the second half of the night smacking mosquitoes.  So Saturday night was my next opportunity to hunt and my wife had already made plans to go to a pool party.  I told her as long as we can leave around 5ish that would be fine.  At 5:15 I finally got her in the car and head home to grab my gear.  At 545pm I was just getting into my stand.  This time I took a different route into the stand because I thought maybe the deer were seeing me walk in. Well 15 minutes into hunting I hear 5 gunshots within 300 yards that sounded like a 9mm.  Then a car alarm starts going off for ten minutes in the same general location.  I was waiting for the police sirens but that never happened.  I spent the whole night trying to figure out what was going on.  I actually texted me buddy and told him I think someone was shot and carjacked near his house.  About twenty minutes before last light I catch movement near my truck and am startled by the sound of someone hitting a walnut or a rock with an aluminum baseball bat.  The object passes through the trees about fifty yards away as the guy turned and walked away.  I thought to myself what else could go wrong tonight.  Well no sooner did the guy leave and a two year old 8 steps out.  I start ranging the spot where the buck came from because I recognize that this is the buck that usually is with the bigger buck.  As I am ranging the tree where he stepped out of the brush the big buck steps out.  40 yards and freshly out of velvet.  He makes his way towards my mineral site and turns broadside at 30 yards. I couldn't resist due to his large body.  The buck whirled and took off after my shot.  I heard him hit the dirt about thirty yards away.  He is a main frame 9 with a split brow.  He weighed 178 lbs dressed.  





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