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Bangers Sport shop

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OK, got the scoop - as best as can be figured out. Take all of this as hearsay and rumor, as it does not come from an insider.


The owner of the shooting club and the owner of Bangers were good friends and worked closely together, sounds like most of it was hand-shake deals. Bangers rented that building from the shooting club (I heard there was a signed lease though)


Recently the shooting club owner died and his wife and son took ownership. Apparently, the son has issues with the owner of Bangers and wanted Bangers out.


Lawyers getting involved, Bangers is closed for now until the chaos can be figured out - sounds like Bangers is going to end up moving.


Sucks because one of the reasons why I joined the shooting club was BECAUSE Bangers was there. It's nice when you can buy ammo, targets, etc right there while at the range.


If Bangers is gone, I'm not going to re-up my membership at the shooting club.

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Yea Mazz, your pretty close to spot on, from what Ive heard at least. It was closed as of Friday so you just made it before the doors closed. Court ordered to close down. Right now its up in the air whether its temporary or permanent. Im leaning towards the latter. Friggen sucks. Sam was a good dude and it was a good place to hang and shoot the stuff with other hunters for the time you were there shopping/shooting. Plus the 3D course, the 30 yard indoor range. I hope it opens back up. I dont care about the $$ I paid for the range (discounted opening day price anyway), I just wanna be able to shoot



Edit: Good call, IMO, if you dont re up that membership. From what I gather and what you said, the "new owners" didnt want him there and had a beef with a ton of things that the Dad was ok with and/or not concerned about. I know thats typical business but still...this happened pretty quick. Originally they thought they had until February for court. Guess the son is pretty adamant about closing shop.

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Sounds right. I was at the archery range down the street from there a week ago and was talking a guy who said their indoor archery range closed because they were having problems with the owner. Guess it got worse.

Let the lead fly!!!

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we finally get a decent shop in south jersey, and it's closed.

Sam was good. set up my new bow this summer.

was headed there to buy a gun soon. guess not. 

United Bowhunters of New Jersey

New Jersey Fur Harvester
New Jersey Trappers Association
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As best as I can tell, it's not a financial issue - so it's not like Bangers went bankrupt. It sounds like a landlord/renter dispute with the landlord wanting the renter out. So I suspect in the end Bangers is not going to be closed permanently - they will open again just at a different location. That's just from my reading of the situation and based on what I heard - I'm just an outsider looking in.

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