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Zone 49 8 pointer down


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Well I hunted Saturday evening got in stand at 3:30 at 4:30 here came the 8 point I just got on camera that morning. He stood behind a tree 60yrds out for a while. I had ever calm out. Then a doe started coming in the opposite direction of buck, once that buck saw that doe he started to move toward her. She stopped at 30yrds the buck stopped at 40yrds just staring at her she was a little spooky but calmed down once she smelled the evercalm. She came in a little closer to about 20yrds and buck just stayed where he was watching. I thought about grunting but he was to close to grunt he would have turn and walked away. I ranged him again at 38yrds I decided I'm going to take the shot. I was shaking like a leaf, he was quartering away slightly, but from me shaking so bad I hit back in gut. I got down from stand after a 30 mins to recover my arrow it was covered in blood. I tracked for 80yrds and backed out till morning cause blood was scarce. I also called in a blood dog. We went in and dog kept going to the spot to a big thicket 5 times. The dog handler wasn't comfortable running his dog through briers so he told me my buck is dead somewhere in the briers. Then I noticed 2 other guys in piece of woods hunting so I backed out again I did not want to ruin there hunts even though we probably already did. Went back Monday morning with loppers and went to thicket where dog kept going and started to cut my way through. As I was going through a hawk flew up from center of briers I noticed a big fallen tree I got on the tree and walked to where hawk flew out and sure enough there was my buck I finally recovered him after a long rentless pursuit.

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