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Opinions on Different brand bows.


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I've been a Mathews guy for years! Yesterday while watching football I surfed the web for other bow companies. Has anybody shot or owned a Athens archery, New Breed or Obsession bows? Just curious on feedback. :lookaround:

Mathews Halon

United Bowhunters of NJ

NWTF - Tri County Longbeards

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

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I was in the market for a new bow over the summer. Now I've been shooting Mathews since 1996, before that Hoyt and Jennings. I was eyeing up the Obsession Sniper GT, but not one dealer near me, but there is one 2 miles from my job. I called to ask if they had a SNIPER GT in stock not so much to shoot it, but just handle it, but they never got any. I was then back looking at the Mathews Z3, but while at Targetters I handled the Z2 as well, I ended up buying the Z2....Price point was excellent, and I love it. All the major players make top quality bows these days

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I went from Bear to Jennings then to Mathews for years and am now with PSE. I think it comes down to budget. If most of your shots are under 30 yds then I see no need to spend a small fortune on a new bow. Like stated above My PSE feels and shoots good.


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Absolutely love my Hoyt Faktor. Atleast right now, if I were to get another bow...I don't see any of the competitors with a product right now that would make me considering switching to a different company. The Halon is nice, but I still don't think that its in the same class as the carbon bows Hoyt produces. 

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I picked up a Concept Archery Bow about a year ago, its a small company and is all made right here in New Jersey. Washington 07882 to be exact. very nice shooting bow full unlimited life time warranty and it offers 99 percent let off. at full draw I'm holding like 3 0nces. Bow shoots very nice  very easy to group. I picked one up just for fact on warranty and small American made product. doesn't hurt to give them a look www.conceptarchery.com

Not a complete a$$ hole just one of the dingle berries that hang off it.

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Great thread.


I will be in the market for a bow come Feb.


Things have changed so much.


I had Jennings, then golden eagle, my last bow was a high Country carbon 4 runner.


Now I have no idea what to get.


Looking to spend maybe 800 total.


Matthews z7 extreme, z2 or z3


OR elite or no idea.


Back when I was heavy into bow hunting it was single cam but I am hearing things going back to dual cam?

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