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deer in heat (no, literally, in the heat - it's HOT out!)


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It's going to top out above 80 degrees this week, and never below 60 at all day or night. This is ridiculous. I'd lose weight from all the sweating I would do by the time I get my climber up the tree!


I was going to go out a few days this week, but I'm just gonna do some squirrel hunting instead. Way too hot. I don't know how long it takes to find a deer after shooting it, and I'd just be afraid I'd ruin the first one I'd harvest by not finding it right away and having it spoil by sitting in the afternoon heat.


How long does it take for a deer to spoil in this heat if you don't field dress it right away?

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I like to have them gutted and at the butcher within a hour to two tops,but that's just me. And this weekend is cooling down so if you can wait I would hold off till Friday or Saturday. I'll be out all weekend I have a good feeling about this weekend. 


That's my thinking as well. Saturday looks good - I might head out then. I'm not looking forward to hunting deer on public lands on a weekend, but November is coming quick and there's fall turkey, geese, and pheasant to be had! ;-) Gotta try it.

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