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Summit treestand


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Rare Summit Broadhead Backpacker treestand. folds flat great for long Hikes. Near-perfect condition. Weighs 23lbs...$125.00 I'm in Clinton pm me for details :up: Thanks,Bob


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“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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FYI, that's the "Bullet backpacker" not the Broadhead....the Broadhead is an open front for archery hunting....the Bullet has the closed front/sit/climb shooting rail as depicted......I've got two of the broad head....great stands. Broke my heart when they did away with the design....but they brought it back new for 2016....   any buyer can't go wrong....its easy to set up, and cart in/out and comfy as all get out.....Not sure how old the one depicted is(it's got the quick draw cable release as opposed to the slip lever) but if it has the foot straps and not the "quick climb" stirrups, you'd be well served to spend the extra $20 at most sport shops, get the stirrups and install them....it makes slipping the platform onto your feet for up and down climbing a real breeze!

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