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Scouting new areas (coastal)

Big Joe NJ

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Up early this morning about to load the boat and scout a few areas for the upcoming season. Bought a house this year and don't feel like driving to my old spot if there's serviceable areas near by (2 boat ramps within 4-5 miles from my house). On that note has anyone seen promising signs this year? I know last year was a disaster for me not many puddle ducks flying seemed to be mostly divers and mergansers where I was at and I am hoping a change this upcoming season will work in my favor this year.



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I went once and didn't shoot.  I had a beautiful drake mallard cupped and ready to land but I was out on the water with the kayak and he flared.  I have to find new spots if possible.  I showed up to a spot Sat. morning and there was already a truck there.  By the time I drove to another spot the sun was already coming up.

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Where are you looking?....(approx. location is good for no spot burn). There were good numbers late in the season in the area of Manahawkin bay. I got out a few times and had fun with broadbills, widgeon and of course got black ducks. Saw some cans but didn't get any to commit. To get the puddle ducks there needs to be a good inland freeze. In my opinion, it is then about historic location that hold them in the coastal zone. Those can be closely guarded secrets though. Scouting can be problematic as the freeze gets the spots they like there too and the ducks move on fast.  

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