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Bear 2016 my take


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Went into this season with all the hopes and dreams of a child on Christmas. Flash forward to opening all I had on camera was juveniles so I opted to go to work for 2.5 the rate, can't beat working a holiday, anyways back to it hunted hard Tuesday and had the deal sealed, however knowing right from wrong pasted when I had a sow with 4 cubs at 27 yards. Must add biggest one went maybe 45lbs while mama went about 200 I got to sleep with myself at night so all walked by, but still unbelievable feeling to get opportunity. Rest of day was deer and turkeys. Wednesday was a bust with few deer aND turkeys coming through and to top it off an I can only assume anti walking through my spot how walked up on me and said with a smile "guess I messed up your day" and kept power walking through the woods. Worked Thursday and Friday and ended my night with a big old doe to cap off the first archery season in some 40 years. Did I kill a bear no did I enjoy myself and get to see some beautiful landscape you would not expect from Jersey ABSOLUTELY, and I took home a wise old girl as the icing on the cake. Little more knowledge now and hopefully next year will...




Not a complete a$$ hole just one of the dingle berries that hang off it.

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