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Witnessed A Fight This Morning


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I got settled into my stand at 5:40am, saw 10 turkeys, then around 9am I hear deer coming to my right, I see 3 does, then 4 rack bucks, 2 of them start fighting hard....the biggest was 110" 8 pointer which is a very good buck for the area, I tried grunting it did stop the biggest one but all the deer stayed 70 yards out. Saw 4 more does later in the day, also had a coyote at 15 yards but it winded me....overall I had a productive day

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i have never seen so much sparring as this year, and it started earlier like near end of September.

I just checked several of my trail cameras that are not over bait and I'm amazed on the amount of bucks sparring. Nothing big but, a lot of 1.5 year olds sparring. Way more than the previous years.

"The Nation Which Forgets Its Defenders, Will Itself Be Forgotten".

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