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Bear Week/Heavy Bodied Buck

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Interesting monday,  Set up 30 yards off the trail that both bear & deer travel. I don't have a place to setup a bait station that would be 100 yards away for bear so after talking to and testing Rons  Redneck Pride TC Plus I decided to use it to lure & stop an animal into a shooting position.  About 3 in the afternoon had a huge sow show up w/ 3 cubs.  Lets just say everything that was sprayed with TC Plus was torn apart by the bears. My heart got pumping as one of the cubs game towards the blind I was in and started smelling and clawing at the blind,  Thinking this could turn real ugly quick I just kept my cool and the cub finally walked off after about 5 minutes of messing with the blind.  The big sow never gave me a great shot opportunity since she was moving around constantly and stayed mostly 50-60 yards down the trail. She did come into the scent at 20 yards but was head on to me.   Later on about 6pm I had a group of large does show up.......licking everything the TC Plus was on.  15 minutes later here comes a buck walking up the trail, I noticed his one side was odd or broken off but the size of his body was huge! He scent checks the does and goes to the TC Plus that the bears & does were tearing apart.  He gets broadside at 22 yards and I let the bolt fly.  The TenPoint Xbow and Dead Ringer Freak Nasty piles the buck up within 30 yards. After tagging the deer, I get a buddy to help me, had to move him so the guts were not within 100 yards of the blind and also lift him in the truck.  Got him to the butcher an we officially weighed him on the scale ........190 Lbs. Field Dressed!!!!  What a great exciting day in the woods.










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That TC+ is awesome stuff. Took my bear on Monday as he was strolling along nose to the ground following a TC+ drag I'd laid. Gave me a great shot. Rednecks's Pride is a class act. That stuff really works. I've got two "mock scrapes" going now. But both have been taken over. Hung a cam in one of them today to see what's visiting. Started both with Rednecks Pride MS 4

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