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Briars first hunt

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Today we took our 9 month old Boykin on her first pheasant hunt. After countless hours of obedience training then time afield starting her on quail it was time for the first hunt. Well all i can say is briar exceeded our expectations. Not only did she flush every bird that was stocked she delt with running birds in heavy cover to accomplish it. It feels so good that all the time spent working with her from 12 weeks old has definately paid off. I must give a sincere thanks to Paul Hunt, he went out of his way for us to make sure the pups first hunt would be a memory none of us will ever forget.IMG_0267.JPGIMG_0275.JPG


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awesome day! i am looking for my first pheasant this season. just hoping the WMAs arnt a war zone like people are saying. my plan is to meet up with a member here or just walk the fields by myself and hopefully kick up a bird or two. looks like you had a great day and a great dog

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