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What's with the birds


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Yesterday I was sitting in the morning and I was completely surrounded by a blue jays, with some woodpeckers mixed in .  They were all over the place making a giant racket. Today I was out in the same spot and it was robins, again completely surrounded with some woodpeckers mixed in.  I did not notice on the blue jays but some of the woodpeckers and robins looked to be immature without their distinct reds. I've never really been a song bird person so I plan on blaming them for my first two deerless sits of the season, up until yesterday I was at least seeing a few antlerless in the distance, and even a nice looking rack through the brush. I hope they finish passing through and my deer come back.

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Yeah, I didn't think the jays or woodpeckers would be migrating. I don't of any major bird food source in the area, and today I had nearly no birds. Maybe there was a late hatch of some insect, but I didn't notice anything unusual. It's the same area I was sitting last year and never got swarmed then.

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