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OSOThanks! We're All Good Here!


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So there's been some rumors this site is a little slow activity wise, I say otherwise!

We're up 115 real members in the last 4 days and looking more active than ever thanks to all the existing and new members!

We've been setting records every day for the most users and it keeps on climbing!

Keep up the great work, the forum is looking awesome and running smoothly! :up:

The more you all post and keep this board active, the more it will grow!

Some great posts over the last few days, great to see the camaraderie that once existed back in the days of NJH!


As always, if anyone experiences any issues with the site, let me know! :up:

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This site sucks now.


Back in the good old days, when it was referred to as 'the snoozer site", I could get a ton of stuff done at work or spend the entire day in the woods without worrying that I'm going to miss a post or a new thread.  Wait a few hours, maybe 4-5 new posts show up.  Spend a couple of minutes reading them, and then it was back to several hours of whatever I was doing.


No, oh, no!  Now I can barely wipe my arse and there's a page full of posts!  I'm getting nothing done at work because I'm trying to read all of the new posts.  Haven't filled my feeder in a few weeks, and I'm always conscious of where there is and isn't free WiFi so I can still catch up on TapaTalk.  I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat only to find myself shuffling over to the computer to get caught up on late night posts.


I don't know, man.  It was so much simpler, so much easier back in the day.  Life was simpler, you could get things done.


It's all gone to sh!t....

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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