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Rangefinder-Sig Kilo


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Figured I'd give you a review on a great rangefinder. The Sig Kilo, I bought the 2000 for long range shooting, some mite be interested in the 850 for locally.

Like I said, mine ranges passed 2000 yrds on houses, road signs etc.. but I'm sure the 850 works just as well. Besides it range capabilities, it has a scan mode that is awesome for ranging a animals and then follow its trail to your shooting lane all the while getting the distance as you move. Its accurate and affordable. I have a G7 ballistic rangefinder and the Sig does just as well as the G7 but without the ballistics.

The average price for the 850 I've seen is around $300. But there's a guy on ebay that's well below that. Google it and read the reviews.


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Really good reviews for it over on Amazon

Cheapest I found was on eBay from a seller with great reviews, and also great product reviews on eBay for it.

I grabbed it from eBay and should have it early this upcoming week.  

In the midst of sighting in my crossbow, so I'll use it for that to start and it'll be nice to have whenever I head out West again! :up:

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