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Good Thing I Brought a Weapon This Time...


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Got out of work later than usual and planned on swapping the cards in the cam out behind the house, pulled into the driveway, got my gear from the shed, grabbed the muzzleloader and went out back.



Again, just intended to swap the cards.



Get out into the woods and there in front of me, in the swamp, is a bear staring straight at me, got the gun up but she was head on and staring right at me, 25yds at the most. She finally turned to her right a bit and I dropped the hammer, she bolted, ran about 20yds and started flailing around,


Ran back to the house, reloaded and grabbed my FIL to help, get to where she was...no bear.


I was like, "wtf, where is the bear? ohhhhhh noooooooo, where did she GO!?!?!?!"


Found blood, followed it for about 10' and heard her breaking branches as she was crawling about another 10' in front of me and finished her off.


She was small, only 100# but I don't care, she will be good eating and that is one more bear out of the population.



IMG_4804 (2).JPG

IMG_4802 (2).JPG


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