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Pohatcong Creek??


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Super low like all northwest NJ trout streams are.  They are calling it "moderate drought conditions", but these are the lowest recorded flows in my lifetime, so I would call it more like a severe drought.  But yes, the trout are biting.  Both the wild fish (browns in that creek) and the stocked and holdover rainbow trout.  October caddis and a smaller tan caddis have been hatching and the fish have keyed on them.  Water temps are mid to lower 50s which is ideal for trout feeding, regardless of low water.  You just need to be stealthy because they can both see and sense you right now in this low, crystal clear water.

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This is the river gauge for the Musconetcong, which is on the other side of the hills from the Pohatcong.




If you look at the first graph, you'll see that the Musky is flowing very low.  More than likely, that river is probably just a bunch of moist soil at this point (I am exaggerating).  But it's very low regardless.


If you know where the deep areas are and the pools, those are the spots to fish.  It's probably very low.


Under Mapping Tools on this site the last thing on that dropdown is USGS Water data for NJ.  Great site to bookmark, but it will give you a general idea of which parts of the state are flowing well and which aren't.  And the NW section of NJ isn't doing too well.

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Here are all the USGS gauge sites for NJ:




Reds and oranges mean low, low, low!  I saw the Musky hit the upper 60s (measured in "cfs" which is cubic feet per second) last year.  This year I have seen it drop into the 50s and upper 40s.  Amazing.  Today's flow is 49 cfs and normal for today is 120 cfs...... 

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Thanks hoping to do a little fly fishing for the first time. But bringing my spinning rod for when I get frustrated. 


The only way to learn to fly fish is to leave your spinning rod home.  That or call a fly shop like Shannon's and book a half day guide trip.

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Where is shannons?

Califon, just above the Ken Lockwood Gorge no-kill stretch on the South Branch of the Raritan.  Other local fly shops may also be offering guide service as well, but I am head guide for Shannon's and know our situation best, of course.  I do very little guiding myself anymore since I started up a new business, but we have 8 regular guides all of whom are great instructors.  

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Headed up tomorrow for the weekend to do some fishing and a little hunting. Does anyone know how the creek is right now. Is it super low? Are the fish biting? Thanks 


If it is on the fall stocking list, the trout will be there and they are big. At the Flatbrook were some of the best rainbows (both quality and size) that I have seen stocked in the Fall in the past 20 years. They were tough though, most likely shocked...I picked up several on a tiny copper john nymph and the fight on the fly rod was awesome. White trout magnets on the spinning setup was key also. GL! :up: 

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Can you post the contact info or message me it. Thank you 

Shannon's Fly & Tackle Shop on Main Street, Califon.  908-832-5736.  Or just PM me for more info as you will eventually speak with me about any trips anyway  :)


My cell is 201-230-3383 and email is:  bcowden@troutscapes.com 

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