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The one I didn't shoot . . .

Ms Grit

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Back in August I had this sow show up with her small cub.  For awhile, she and the bear I shot would take turns on the deer corn bait until he finally ran her and others off.  Back then, she seemed to be just about the same size as the one I eventually shot, just with a slightly smaller head. I am glad he pushed her off cause with a small cub, I wouldn't have shot her, but hoping she will not be such the wanderer and stick around in the area for awhile.

2016 0820 Sow with cub.jpg

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That cub is small.....When My son questioned me on the issue (he was sitting by himself and would be making his own decisions on what not to shoot) I told him that all studies show that cub survival rate is very high and he shouldn't be concerned about shooting a sow that had cubs tagging along....But I also told him that I wouldn't take such a bear unless the cubs were Really Big pushing 100 pounds......Neither he nor I needed to make that call as both our bears were solo boars.....But that's the advice I gave him.

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I had two sows each with three cubs hitting my bait. There was a small sow with tiny maybe forty pound cubs. She would get a pass. The other sow had cubs that were in the seventy to eighty pound class. She was as big or bigger than any of the boars I had coming to the bait. I had made up my mind that if she showed up I would shoot her. Those cubs would do fine without her I was told. It figures that when reviewing my trailcam pics Monday evening that a new boat of at least four hundred pounds had come in Sunday night. Also while packing up my stuff after killing my bear two boars came in to the bait one which looked to be the same size as the bear I had killed . Did I make the wrong decision ? Maybe ! I am still happy to get the bear I took , as I only had two and a half days that I would be able to hunt 1

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Good post (topic) Robin. From my 48 years hunting,conversations with non hunters,means alot to me to listen to there feeling's,there first general comment (question)was,you didn't shoot the mother or the baby did you?I believe,I know we may not have agreed on killing animals,but we agreed to respect each others opinions. I'm greatful to this day taught to me what reads on my triple quest trophies.

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