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Headed back out today for round three.

Had bears around throughout the whole day.

1 small single bear,

1 sow with 2 cubs

1 sow with 3 cubs

and one that had 4 cubs, 3 were normal and the last one was def a runt. looked more like a poodle coming in.


while the sow I have named razorback ( her hair on her back looks like a razorback hog) was there with her 3 cubs, for the third time today.

I saw her posture and start the cubs moving out.as this bear came in, The tagged bear actually chased them quite a ways into the wood, then headed back in.

At twenty yards the Dead Ringer Freak Nasty  zipped through her.and she went running back into the swamp.

Nasty spot is an under statement.

Heard her growl and knew she was done. 

Yet when I went in after her I heard teeth popping. looked up and saw Razorback had treed, and her cubs were up another tree to the side of me..Not where I wanted to be, but she must have been more concerned the other bear was there, and stayed where she was.

My bear had made it about 75 yards as fast a bear could run, before expiring leaving a blood trail Ray Charles could have followed

My Buddy Steve and his son David showed up and helped me get her into the jet sled and off we went.

Didnt realise that the Northern district office was only checking bear there on Monday and Saturday.

so headed back over to the Pequest to find she was the only bear with jewelry today.

curious to see the info when it comes back on Monday.


Learned alot this week, and sure hope we get to do this again next fall. as there sure are alot of bears still around where I hunted.

Only saw I deer in the 3 days I hunted a fairly remote spot.




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Captain Dan Bias


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