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No bears just raccoons and bees


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Once again nothing M-W sat full days except today after once again hearing the mountains ringing of bird shot I figured I'd see nothing dear nor bear due to al the noise. I decided to go on an adventure has to have walked couple miles also I ran into the guys bird hunting he said sorry and was pretty nice and said he was happy to see young hunters such as my self out and about during the week. Found cool stuff and seeing nature at its best turned my day around for the best I guess uploaded pics and video








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I had a crazy racoon coming after me in my stand today he saw me and climbed the tree next to me that's practically touchING mine at 930 this morning had to poke him with my muzzy barrel to get him to stop coming. 45 minutes later he came back and tried it again I had to poke him twice that time to go away.... no bears. Checked my cam on my property haven't been back there in 2 weeks and have had lots of deer and nice buck activity during daylight all at times I've been sitting on various public lands trying for bear.


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