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10/12 live bear hunt

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Out for my 4th bear sit. I think I finally found the spot to make it happen maybe not tonight but I have 2 and a half more days. Day 1 evening only hunted what i consider a remote ridgeline. Some bear sign aND a ton of deer sign. 1 mile from the road but my entry and exit was about 2 miles through some really grueling terain.left the climber over night came back next morning hiked nearly an hour and a half in again nothing again. Exhausted at this point i decided to move to another area I scouted for an evening hunt and drop the stand for this morning. Nothing moving at all on the major trial through hardwoods between 3 soybean fields. This morning I was exhausted and couldnt get out of bed to go out. So I decided to do some more scouting and found what I think will be my best possible bet for the rest of the week. In a tree on the edge of a cornfield that has been destroyed by bears with crap evrywhere. Some was really fresh too. Hope it finally comes together and I get my first bear

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