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Another insult from "The One"


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JB posting on njw&w??? The planets must have just aligned

Got a few more than you here buddy and I'm still over there as none of this has to do with religion but truth be told at this point this site IS weighted towards "The cool kids" heck since Little M started posting here exclusively I've been a regular lurker here and lets face it I don't post over there as much as I used to. When Mat started this site is was because he was incensed by the deal Kris made on the sale (To outsiders) as were a number of other folks I didn't have that great of an emotional attachment so I was not rattled like so many others then Kris more I think as part of the cosmic punchline made me a "Mod" and that kept me busy.

Now it seems the big O is banning anyone and everyone who post anything worth reading well to a point anyways . They should change their moto to NJH we take on water! 

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