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Post Members Bear Harvest Pics Here - 2016


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One of the things I liked about the other site is when they made a sticky post with photos of harvested bears with just the persons name and the weight/sex of the bear.  Can we do that here?  Hopefully someone can make it a sticky so there is a record moving forward in the years/seasons to come.  Hopefully some of the folks that were successful can get it started with their pics.  I can add mine later tonight.  Thanks.

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My Boar was taken on 10/10/16 at 6:40 pm with a 48# recurve from the ground. He weighed in at 205#'s. My sons Boar (the front one i'm not holding) was taken from a tree stand with a cross bow at 2:30 pm on 10/10/16. His boar weighed in at 160#'s. Neither bear was tagged.



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