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Open Day Bear video


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3 of us went up for a couple day to try our luck for a archery bear. We hunted all state land in Stoke/High Point area. Been making the run up to bait once a week and then twice a week the pass 2 weeks. Long run after work 230 miles round trip. But was worth it with 2 for 3 of us tagged a bear. Shot mine at 12 yds eye to eye level with a perfect heart shot. Heres a short video of the shot. Just a cell phone video of the computer screen for now.



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Mine wasn't the best but i got the shot. I borrowed my buddys video camera cause he shot his in the morning. I had it set up facing straight in front of me. The bear came to close to move the camera 10yds facing me smelling and looking. I will try and do a better and longer clips after i get the card from him or if he can send the entire hunts to me.

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