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Bear down


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Got my first bear yesterday afternoon.


Was a quite morning only seeing a spike and a 4 pointer. Buddy saw a bear enter the corn field at 1000hrs. He didn't have a shot.


Was walking to his shooting lane and turned right into the corn before he had a chance. We waited till about noon, never seeing it again, we decided to get down. I told him to sit tight I'll get down first and see if I can spook it towards him. As I walk towards him he waives me off, thinking it was the bear I go back towards my stand.thinking if it doesn't go to him I might get a shot. He texts me he shot a doe. As I take the long way around to meet up with him, not to disturb the area, he tells me there's a bear 40 yds in front of me. I stalk up and see it laying there trying to hide in the grass. I get up to 30yds and draw, as it just watched me. I draw and realize my site is set at 20yds. As I try to let down to change my site to 30 the release gets caught up and I shot it into the ground. The bear doesn't move. I move up recover their arrow clean of the head and knock it again. I tell my buddy to move up and we both got with in 15yds. I wanted my buddy to shoot it but something distracted him and the bear got up to leave so I took the shot. It was a solid hit and he took off crashing through the corn. Not 10 seconds later I hear him crash and let out a crazy death moan.


We recovered his doe and got the jet sled. After an easy tracking job through the corn, only went maybe 30yds, we find it piled up. It was an awesome hunt.


Ended up weighing 156.5 was a year old. The biologist at the check station was the one who tagged it a mile from pequest. He said it was part of a den study and was tagged as a t

5lb cub. Was shot over 10 miles from pequest, as the crow flies. It was missing a toe from an old injury. I'm happy as hell with it even though it's not huge. Not bad for only getting to scout the day before the season.


Sorry for the long post, nothing is moving this morning.



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It's the experience and memories of the hunt that are the true trophy.

Congratulations :up:

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Great bear and great hunt....and a classic example of why NJ needs this early hunt....Two hunters on the ground within 15 yards of the bear....a bear that is used to hunting would've been running long before anyone would get that close....no fear of humans is bad...this hunt will change that....Great job on a great Bear!

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