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Great Response to Anti Hunter:


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I saw this as a comment in response to anti's bashing the bear hunt in a local news paper web site....Thought the response was fabulous!:


An animal taken from the wild for use as food is immediately replaced by another. Nature always breeds more animals than habitat can support, and so the consumption of the excess has no impact on animal populations and, above all, no impact on the habitat upon which all wildlife depends.


Well-regulated hunting and fishing are the only means of acquiring food that does not destroy entire ecosystems. Don't believe it? Then consider the impact of agriculture as our only alternative. Agriculture destroys every single individual, of every major species, on the wild lands converted to that purpose. Consider the millions of acres of forest, grassland and wetland converted to barren mono-cultures serving no species besides man; consider the billions of pounds of chemicals dumped into our air, water and soil; and the trillions of gallons of fresh water diverted from sensitive aquatic systems--all for agricultural purpose. Agriculture is the foremost cause of extinction world-wide, as well as the single greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions destined to alter our climate for millennia.


Animal death resulting from hunting is difficult to deny--animal advocates will be certain that the most gruesome photographs are put before the public as a reminder. But the complete and total devastation of entire ecosystems--every individual, young and old, male and female--and entire animal populations by agriculture is obvious, yet somehow obscured, and rarely considered. As a result, we may one day stand, hands on hips, gazing out across endless fields of row crops and wondering where all of the wild animals have disappeared to. Ironically, many will blame the hunter



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Awesome Mark - great post... I think this video tells it best, and it's freakin' hilarious... "you're eating my food's food..."


This is good - real good.. "if meat eaters acted like vegans"



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