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Daily Bear Harvest Numbers


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As of 11:30 pm last night, 10/12/16, the hunt totals have been revised as follows:


Monday 10/10---206 bears

Tuesday 10/11---100 bears

Wednesday 10/12---62 bears


Total to date 368:


Number of relevant tagged bears checked in so far is 24 for a total of 12.2%....the hunt closes at 30%


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Up to 15%....with two days (and very popular days being Friday and Saturday) for hunting with both bow & gun...I'm thinking we may actually come very close to the 30% goal....so there may not be a December season.(a.k.a Segment B   ), and if there is, it'll be a short season.

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I don't see the 30% being reached (just by looking at past years of what days bears get killed) however I think that a strong showing on Monday of segment B will mean Tuesday of segment B will be the last day of the hunt this year


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