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Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless Review w/ Pics


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12 days ago I put new Rayovac batteries in my 2014 Covert Code black and my new Bushnell TC wireless and hung them by my stands. They were both set up to instantly transmit, 8mp, max flash range, normal sensor. The Covert was set to take a pic every 45sec and Bushnell 35sec. Today I got a txt from the Bushnell saying battery life is at 25% and it took a total of 320 pics in those 12 days. The Covert was at 40% and took about 400pics. Heres my opinion, the Bushnell is very convenient since it can be controlled from your computer or phone. You can set photo,vid,delay,IR range,sensitivity,resolution,communtication frequency all while at home. The Covert is set in field and thats it, if you want to change something you need to go to the cam. Also during these 12 days the Covert required 1 power cycle because AT&T did something on my go phone acct and the cam stopped transmitting, and yesterday it stopped transmitting and responding to commands via txt, upon arrival today I saw it said NO SIM so I had to cycle it again and it was back up and running, the Bushnell needed no attention what so ever. The image quality of both is very nice, but the TC is more crisp, HD I guess. The transition period from dusk to dark is a bit greyish on the TC, cam was facing west, but night photos were fine. I put 12 new Energizer MAX batteries in each and kicked them back on, so well see if these last longer than the Rayovac. Overall I am pleased with the TC and would consider buying another simply for the no hassle operation thus far and for 9.99 a mo you get 1500 pics opposed to 12.40 for 1000 from AT&T. The GPS feature is great also, you click it on your app or computer and it google maps where your cam is. Heres some Pics uploaded from the Bushnell app, the first 2 are Covert from SMS.

PIC (1).jpg


bushnell (1).jpg

bushnell (3).jpg

bushnell (2).jpg


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