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The irony is that technical features do not sell a phone.  Most people have no idea what the difference is between 4G and LTE or 10 Mpix or 12Mpix images (nor can they tell the difference).


There hasn't been any real innovation in smartphones for years.  It's all the same crap, just smaller, thinner, or more of this and that.


The other thing to take into consideration is market fatigue.  Most PC manufacturers started experiencing this right after the 1990s. People stopped upgrading their PCs because there was very little innovation in the PC market (still hasn't been for the most part).  There was no compelling reason to upgrade.  The smartphone market is now starting to experience fatigue.  As a self-professed nerd, I now skip 3-4 generations of smartphones before upgrading, which means I upgrade every 2-3 years (hopefully longer than that now).


Additionally, most people pick a platform and stay there.  The switching costs become greater and greater the more time a user remains on a platform.  And the conversion rate between platforms is becoming smaller and smaller because of these switching costs.


And you're going to need to quantify what "leading the way" means.  Leading how? or what?

There is no reason to upgrade...an iphone.  That's the running joke in the tech world.  Apple tends to repackage the same features in some new junky hardware and the i-geeks flock to it.  Smaller, thinner, faster, etc.  Samsung is doing it.  Apple is not.  I implore you to make the switch.  You won't regret it.  I know about a dozen people who have done so in the past 2-3 years after being lifelong iphone users.  They all say the same thing.  Wtf was I thinking with that iphone


Apple is great if you want a straight forward phone that takes ok pics and you use a few apps.  If you want to customize your phone and OS,  run actual software,  take better pics, have removable betteries and removable memory, better screen resolution and just experience a smooth overall experience, then get a galaxy.  


I upgrade every 2 years, skipping 1 generation.  That works for me.  Technical features are EXACTLY what I'm looking for.  I want a cutting edge mini-computer, not a clunky kids phone.

Apple is the Heineken of the tech world.  Shitty product, fantastic marketing.  

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I'm not that kind of user.  I mentioned switching costs before, and for me the cost of switching is far, far too great.  I only own Apple products (full disclosure, I am an Apple Consultant and Developer), so going to a non-Apple device means it won't integrate into all of the crap I own.


I use my iPhone as a remote for my Apple TV, or to control iTunes on my computer.  I can locate every member of my family with iCloud because the location services of their phones is all integrated.  I can find my kids from an app on my phone without having to call/text them.  All of my data synchronizes across the entire Apple platform--from my desktop to my laptop to my phone and iPad.  I can be working on something on my iPad and switch over to my computer or phone.  Everything is integrated.  I also have an Apple server where all of my computers back up to (including the phone backups).


I use it for the convenience.  My Macs are all multi-platform, running various versions of Windows and Linux.  One box, dozens of operating systems.  So for me to move my data would be a huge disruption and create discontinuity in an otherwise smooth computing experience.


However, I did build my own router and built my own ESXi hardware to virtualize a dozen or so servers running on various platforms.  So I agree there are some cases where you want that level of customization, for me I can live without that because of the additional value that comes with the integration into all of the other crap I have.


And arguably, I could probably do all of the technical stuff on an iPhone that you can do on an Android (possibly more).  :)

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Do you get your gear for free? Even if that equipment could do exactly what the samsung gear could do I can't imagine spending that much money.


My friends in the music industry and in the film industry swear by apple because the editing software is the best.  Other than that, they all carry samsung phones and ise samsung tablets and hate the fact that they have to spend double the amount for an inferior computer.  

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I don't get anything for free.  I do get some of my customers' old gear when they upgrade.  I clean it up and then give it to folks like my old music teacher who will get some use out of it.


Inferior is also a relative term.  I can do more with a Mac than with a PC.  People forget that a Mac is a unix-based system, and it has some incredibly powerful command line tools that you don't get with a PC.  Also, people will spend thousands of dollars on a shotgun when you can get a different brand that does essentially the same thing.  It's all about getting the device that does the job for you the best.  And for me, PCs are too limiting.  I can run Windows XP, 7, 8.1, and 10 all at the same time on my Mac.  And for the testing I have to do and the different kinds of customers I have to support, I can do that with one laptop.  But I'm a different kind of user.

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