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September 2016 Flextone Natural Bone Grunt'R Giveaway - WINNER is TK3333

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Alright boys and girls, it's been awhile since we had a Giveaway here on NJ Woods & Water, but thanks to a generous donation from site member @LPJR, we have the perfect prize for our recently opened bow season here in New Jersey!
Up for grabs for absolutely FREE is a Flextone Natural Bone Grunt'R deer call!
Huge thanks to @LPJR for being awesome and donating this great prize! :up: :up: :up:




- This Giveaway entry period will expire on 09/20/2016 9:00PM EST

- All entries are FREE!

- One (1) entry per member

- One (1) winner will be selected using Random Result with a link provided to the results!



How To Enter:

Simply respond to this topic and say you're in! :up:
Once the entry period ends, I'll gather all the entries and use the site above to pick a winner! :up:



How To Claim Your Prize:

@LPJR will coordinate shipping to the winner! :up:



Prize Description:

Flextone Natural Bone Grunt'R Call:
- Flextone Natural Bone Grunt'R Expandable hose for variable tones
- Soft body for natural deer sounds
- Adjustable o-ring for buck, doe and fawn sounds
Manufacturer image:


Actual images (shed antler not included :D):







Be sure to join on up for your chance to win!!! :up: :up:  :up:

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