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I got a picture of this piebald buck over the weekend. Only have a few pics of him. Pretty sure he is just a fork buck unless he has brow tines. Any one else capture trail cam pic of albino or piebald deer here in NJ? Would love to see pictures or hear stories. Also, is it true that it is bad luck to harvest one? Because the cape would make for a pretty cool rug. I am not saying I would shoot this buck. He is young! I would love to get some good footage of him though. Hopefully I see more of him in the upcoming weeks!


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for years we had a gorgeous full albino on a farm we use to hunt, farmer told everyone it is off limits and we would be kicked off if anyone shot it. 3 years in a row on opening day I had that buck at 10 yds. the following year the farmer nextdoor shot it and put picture in paper.

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We make our own luck, good or bad.  Hope you get to see this one often and get the footage you want and then have the opportunity to make YOUR decision on if you want to shoot.

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We had some piebald genes in the local herd here by my house in Flanders for years, but I haven't seen any in maybe 2 or 3 years now. I once stopped my car on route 80 westbound in Indiana to watch a beautiful eight point albino buck feed on apples about 200 yards off the highway



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