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So with the impending doom of a Hurricane looming down on us I was forced to spend the day yesterday running a 10/3 line out to the garage for the Generator. This was no easy task in my condition. But I got it done. I turn on channel 7 news this morning and see reporters clad in rain gear standing in parking lots with puddles in them. The same puddles you would see on any given high tide. Then they tell me it's 67 degrees going up to 80 today with a wind of 15-20 and sunny skies. Then it switches to the Jersey Shore were a reporter shares his reason for the early evacuation of tourists from the resort areas. They blame the hurricane.


Hey D Bag there is no hurricane. Your the reason for the early evacuation. Yea you. Then when all else fails and there is absolutely nothing to report about you fill the spot with a segment on how some kid in NY broke into a home and spray painted the homeowners Dog Purple.



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This is my biggest pet peeve.   These forecasters have f'ed up so many times over the last two years, its unbelievable, especially with snowstorms over the last two winters.  Then, they have the nerve to get on the TV the next day and proclaim that they knew exactly what was going to happen.  News flash a-holes - I knew what happened yesterday after I got up today, as well.


PS Stevo - there was some angst in my house over the last two days as we thought we were going to have to move our daughter back to college during a hurricane.  That never happened.

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Saturday we pulled out 30 boats at the marina, then they called guys in Sunday to pull more out and wa'la nada! Lol. I was looking forward to catching fluke in the parking lot.

Hunt with a Vizsla, cause life's to short to hunt with an ugly dog! :D RIP Tilly monster. (Attila) 2004-2017.

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