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We're holding off until regular fall bow on 10/1 even though our club is in zone 6 which has the early EAB season.  Since we decided to not shoot any does again this year, no reason for our crew to be out until October 1st.  But certainly target practice from now until then although this weekend may wind up being a washout.  That's fine by me because we have no water in our rivers and streams right now.  Worst drought since '65/'66 yet nobody is talking about it.


Good luck to all that head out for the early season and BE SAFE!  

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What kind of projects you talking about?

Deck for an outdoor spa/hot tub, run electrical to same, remove electrical infrastructure that was associated with a aboveground pool that I got rid of, get a cut-off saw and radius off a corner of my paver patio, re-finish hardwood floor in living room and master bedroom, misc landscaping prep for fall/winter.  Never ends.

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All I know is dove season opens tomorrow.. And I'm ready.. Problem is the weather isn't...  :banghead:


I guess i'll have to skip the barbecue on Monday and hit the dove fields.. :fudd:


Dove season for those states that have them are such a great way of breaking in a new fall hunting season.  Short sleeve camo shirts and often shorts while sitting in a good field shooting passing doves.  I miss my days in PA or MO when I dove hunted those states.  Tasty little birds as well!

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