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Game camera use/picture quality


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I used this camera last year, I realize it's not top of the line but it was given to me as a present so it's fantastic as far as I'm concerned, but I noticed a few shots had a white out effect. Was wondering if you all could tell me why this happens. To recreate the issue I held the camera about 18 Ft. Away and turned off the lights. I get this effect with pictures of critters at about this distance. Is it the IR lighting up because it's too close and should I set it up further from my target area and risk not getting clear shots of deer that pass along the far side of my target area or is it something that's normal ?

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I have some really great night pics from this camera it just seems to white out a bit closer than 20 ft, maybe it's the nature of a non adjustable camera. We used it to catch a neighbor stealing wood from my buddy who bought me the camera and the pictures were perfect, Cinnaminson PD had no trouble at all getting the guy to fess up and reimburse my buddy, they were that good. Only after I set it out in the woods a few months later did I see the whiteout. I guess it is what it is then. I'll live with it, I get the jist of what's out there anyway.

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Looks like it has a lot of IRs and with things close its so bright it get whited out. I have some cameras that the IR stays on way into day time and come one under lower light conditions. I get just black and white pictures and not color...Also that's one big looking Lab

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Some of my cameras, even the new cell cameras, take white out pictures in the 10-15 minutes between daylight and nighttime light.  I always thought it was just the in between stage and accepted the pictures as they are, but once it's truly dark, the pictures are fine.

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I have the exact opposite problem. My camera does some time of blackout. The picture gets to dark for me to see anything. It is a wildgame camera as well. But it seems to only do it when the sun is rising or setting in the background. I just moved it last week so it isn't facing that same way anymore. We will see if that fixed it. Not to sure what is going on with your camera though. I have never had that happen before. 

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