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Opening day of bow season!


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It looks like it is gonna be a hot one! in the 90's on opening day :shock:  What do you guys think? Hunt water source, food plots, crop fields, or bait piles? I am thinking about hunting a stream that runs 20 yards into the woods off of a corn field. I think that will be my best bet to whack a doe so that I can obtain a buck tag. What is everyone's plan? Or comments and opinions on my plan! It is gonna be as hot as the  :devil: 's toenails out there! Anyone have an air conditioned hunting blind I can borrow? :hmmmer:

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Not nearly enough deer by us in zone 6 the last few years, so no doe hunting this year for my club.  We have 2 teenage daughters archery hunting that would have been allowed to take one doe each, but both have passed as they understand our need to let the herd rebound.  Too many does without fawns or only single fawns as our predator base continues to grow and grow.  Bobcats, coyotes and bears are all over the place around us, and they all take their share of deer, especially fawns in spring.  So we won't begin until the regular Fall Bow season and then we look forward to the 6 day archery bear season as well.

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