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Opinions Needed for Tree Stand Set Up

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So over the past few weeks, I have identified an area on the property that I will be hunting that gets a bit of activity. There is solid highway travelling from the adjacent property (which is a christmas tree farm) up to my property that enters into a large grassy field. According to the cams. I have action coming to the property in the AM and action leaving the property in the PM. Rather then pushing myself down there path, I found two ideal trees that enable me to have shots both on the pathway and out into the field. Both of these trees have pros and cons. I am looking to see what tree you would set a hang on in...here are some details:


Tree #1 (currently set my hang on in this tree):


 - sits 30 yards off the pathway and directly along the edge of the field. Surrounding trees provide a ton of cover/breakup, however, due to the shape of this tree, my stand cannot exceed 16' and is slightly angled down.


Tree #2:


- sits 35 yards off the pathway and about 10 yards off the field edge. Provides shooting windows to the pathway and to the field. This tree does not provide nearly as much cover as tree #01, but is straight as an arrow, which would allow me to get up to 20-25ft.



There are not anymore practical trees in the area, and like I said, the area is hot at the moment...


So what would you do?


16' up on an angle with cover or 20-25' up on a level stand with little cover??



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Do you have a climber?  if so, leave the hang on in the crooked tree and use the climber if you want to hunt the "telephone pole" tree.  If I had to choose I'd pick the one with better cover even if it was lower....

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I'd definitely prefer the better cover even if lower, but I would NOT want to be pitched angled down on the stand while trying to hunt it.  That just plain sucks.

If it was just a height/cover decision, I'd go with the lower stand with more cover.  But given the situation, I'd choose the one inside that's higher with less cover and go as high as you're willing to.

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I'd hunt a lower stand with more cover. Heck i usually hunt from a 15ft ladder stand or a climber that I rarely go any higher than 15-18 with. No reason to go 20-25ft ever. It changes the angle of the shot and makes the vitals a smaller target. You're more likely to only get a single lung when you're up too high and deer can survive single lung shots.


Do what you can to get that stand sitting level

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All good advice above.......I just hung a stand with climbing sticks and could only get @15 feet up due to the tree......In the morning I am moving a ladder stand to the same tree for my son to hunt from, BUT the ladder will be very exposed with the lack of cover on the tree itself...especially with all the leaves on the trees now. It would stick out like a sore thumb in the fall...


I think I will be moving the whole set to a set of trees close by that provide more cover due to the fact that maximum height is only 16' up tops....

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Most important thing is to wear a safety belt first and foremost , I like my hang on stands to be slightly pitched backwards so when your sitting your comfortably leaning back into the tree,would never sit in a stand leaning forward you will be fighting the urge to fall forward, not comfortable and it makes hunting work, should be easy, stress free and fun. I was in one of my lock on stands last year about 23 ft up and a deer bed down under my tree for about 45 minutes! My buddy was hunting in a ladder stand about 12 ft up and after 6 hrs he got down walked about 50 yds and shot a 10 ptr on the ground , if your quiet and the wind is favorable for your tree stand you will be good to go ! Safety belt, wind ( I have a couple lock ons depending on the wind) , being quiet and patient! Hope this helps, good luck!

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