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:up:  Always a good sign when you got daytime pics! The other buck I only have 3 pictures of at night. Both of them are nice 8 points. Hoping for something a little bigger than these. But if they are within 30 yards I am letting an arrow fly! Let me see your hitlist buck/bucks!

IMG_3410 (1).PNG


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I put "Club" on our hit list even though he's still a bit young.  We have several nicer 8s and one decent 9, but each could use one more year.  Haven't had many cameras out yet, so not sure about all our inventory.  We're giving the ladies a pass this year - no doe hunting - so none of my guys is hunting the early season and we have more time to scout.  It's going to take a few years to rebound our local herd if it rebounds at all.  Here's Club:


Club buck 2016.JPG

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He's huge, Tarhunt.  Hope he makes a mistake and walks in front of you this season! 

Thanks. I hope so. Two years ago, I saw him during the early part of the muzzle loader season. He was holding up in the brush watching the field that I was in. I had a shot on him but, I did not feel comfortable about it. There was brush in the way. I waited for him to step out into the field but, he never did and I ran out of light. A few weeks later, he stepped out into the field and I had a perfect 100 yard broadside shot on him but, he had broken off part of his rack. So, I gave him the pass. Last year, I never saw him except for the trail camera photo. The farmer saw him a few times but, they were very late at night. He's pretty smart.

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Our boys so far we've caught on film are young up and comers and get a pass.  But we just started taking inventory.....



Two young 8s.JPG



And we're seeing WAY too many of these anymore in zone 6, Sparta:



coyote in zone 6 Sparta.JPG









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