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Please join the NJ2AS


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This September NJ2AS needs all hands on deck for our fundraising push! We have been successful in another lawsuit and have just cut another check to our lawyers. We are constantly winning, but we need your help with fundraising. We cannot afford to lose a fight because we do not have the funds.  


This month we are having a recruiting competition. The first 40 people to recruit 3 new members (any level of paid membership) will receive a FREE NJ2AS hat. After you have have recruited 3 members to join or renew their membership, contact us immediately to secure your hat. Our websites recruiting platform keeps track of all your recruits and notifies us whenever you've recruited someone. For information on how to utilize our website to recruit, please head over to the recruiting page.



Our volunteers always do a wonderful job, and we look forward to seeing the results of this fundraising drive! We hope you will become part of the team to build NJ2AS into a force to be reckoned with in Trenton. 


See our blog post here:





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