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Apples and Pumpkins for sale


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We have Apples for sale at Eastmont Orchards. We aren't bagging them yet but you can either bag your own or bring buckets. $5.00 for 5 gal. buckets.


We also have Pumpkins. The Deer are eating them so we pulled all the good ones with no bites in them and will sell the rest. These are white Pumpkins and the average size is about 30lbs. The Deer love em.


Only price Kyle gave me was on the 5gal buckets. You can call him at 732-425-7006 for other prices such as bring your own bags, garbage can, barrels, or even truck bed. Kyle is easy to get along with and will help with whatever you need. Please do not take Apples from the Trees when bagging. This is for the drops only.


Kyles guys will be bagging at a latter date.

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We're still waiting for apples further north.  The self-pick orchards are opening this week around me.  I like large sacks of drops for bear bait.  Deer love them too, of course.  But we fill the bait barrel with apples and corn and some molasses once apples are available.   

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