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First Bear Bait Is In !!!@


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This morning I drove up to my spot, before doing so I needed a new JETSLED, only local store to have them was DICK'S in Rockaway, it was the XL model....oh well. Some know I hunt about 3 miles from where I park, and not only all up hill but the field is just overgrown weeds, between the JETSLED and two large bags of bait I was dragging well over 100 lbs., thank God I'm in good shape. Be back up next week with more goodies for the bears !!!! Yes I was hot, sweating, and somewhat frustrated










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Those Jet Sleds are the best thing since "sliced Bread"....

I used mine for lumping out deer to floating tree stands in flooded swamp water.

Great for moving fire wood at the camp site and the uses  are truly endless, one of the best pieces of equipment I ever purchased.

Wish I had a pic of my swamp spot flooded by storm, water level was 4 feet up the tree,yes I mean 48", believe me the sled helped with stand relocation.

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Oh yeah i for got to mention that you should put trees and branches over the bait to help cover from weather and BIRDS. If you put a camera there you will probably get a lot of crows and ravens plus bluejays. Lot of bread will atrack them.

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I personally like baiting using a barrel.  The reason is that the bears are forced to spend time at the bait unlike an open pile.  It keeps most of the other critters away as well.   



Here is a bear working the barrel to get at the corn and apples inside....

Bear on bait barrel one.JPG



.....and here is the result of all that effort (not much)

Bear on bait barrel two.JPG


I think it keeps them around the barrel for more time each day, but the barrels are more easily detectable by others if on public lands.  I use this blue one on private land and out of view of the public land hunters.  



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