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Trailcams - Best Lithium Batteries?


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I'm using Kodak Xtralife batteries that are usually on sale at Shop Rite (with the price plus card).


I am running 5 cameras and would go broke with Lithium batteries in each. Especially the ones that take 8 AA lol.

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FWIW, I usually wait for Shoprite to put them on sale, you can get some pretty good blowout deals there but they go quickly.

How long do you get out of the Kodak alkalines?  How many pictures would you say?


A 24 pack of the Xtralife batteries is usually $3.99 on sale there. I am running a new Bushnell Essential E2 and a Moultrie with them that has taken hundreds of pics with zero battery life issues so far this summer.  For the price I figure I will swap the batteries out with new ones after several months if they show signs of slowing.........

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Im not sure if mine were kodak XTRA life but the kodak batteries Ive used in the past are pretty much only good for tv remotes. Not a knock to ya LP! Please dont take it that way. Xtralife doesnt ring a bell to me so they were probably their "regular" battery. Im curious to hear about them also, keep us posted

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