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flying lessons


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i have been thinking about getting flying lessons for about a year now. something i would like to learn. anyone recomend a certain school? or have experience in flying? maybe eventually get my pilot license. the air port in manville offers lessons. what about solberg in readington?


do you pay for each lesson? or yearly? and rack your flying hours to eventually take the test?




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It's expensive.


You pay for the classes, which ain't cheap.  Then you need to get your own flight hours in, something around 2-3 hours every two days, and plane rentals aren't cheap.


I looked into is because there's a decent school at the Lincoln Park airport, but it's several thousand dollars to get a basic pilot license.  It's worth taking more classes and getting instrument rated because it's one of those skills that you wish you had it when you need it (poor visibility).

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