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Vasectomies for Staten Island Bucks


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Just read in American Hunter how NY city plans to spend $2 million  dollars to give vasectomies to Staten Island bucks.....this program is supposed to start in Sept......I am still laughing at this one and I read the article 2 days ago.....perhaps we should start a fund so the bucks can afford to pay the bridge toll and make their way to NJ before the procedures start.....


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Uh... don't they know it only takes one buck to impregnate a whole lot of does? Or do they think deer are monogamous? :rofl: They better hope to sterilize every buck because I'm thinking those does are gonna be humping every one until they hit the one buck that's not shooting blanks. 

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Hahaha no he was on njhunter I met him thru there he's the one that had the post about dragging a deer with a orange Rachel strap and picking up road kill or some nonsense to that nature...nice guy but he was living a double secret lifestyle and updating everyone on social media of his transformation.believe me I was in shock and would have never guessed in a million years of his devient pursuits.he was short fat bald missing teeth it was very disturbing..
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